Briggite Alfred Crowned Miss Tanzania 2013

 The Red carpet was REDDS' Carpet indeed. It was huge with a twist that i liked. They arranged a series of pictures of former Miss Tanzania beauties...up until the "?"...who is next? I believe this is the work of Miss Tanzania Treasures' initiatives...kudos to you guys
 When i went inside the venue,I was amazed by the stage....the lighting and the whole set-up was well choreographed
 Our MC's of the night were Jokate and Taji Liundi...One thing that I noticed, they were all presenting the show in English...while majority of Tanzanians watching it LIVE are not fluent in this language. Besides that, I was just having fun with Miss Kidoti's personal fashion show...changing from one KIDOTI outfit to another...
 The entertainment part was okay....not as much as expected,BUT okay. Wane star, Recho and Diamond were the performers..... So,let's see the girls who brought us together,....the Contestants for REDDS Miss Tanzania in their beach wear
 The girls were divided in FIVE groups of six girls each...rocking the stage in variety of colors of the same design. I have been one of those who complained alot about this category on Miss Tanzania,BUT for this year, I must say....BIG UP!!

 Hot pants of decent height, tops with cover-up glittering shirts,it was superb!...Well,the accessories part need to be looked at,next time.

 In no particular order....the Top 5 was named...and the Q&A took place. The questions were simple 9as usual)...and the girls revealed their blond/brains sides
 Former Miss Tanzania took her place,ready to pass the crown to the winner.... I must point something out first, I didn't like that dress... It looks like she is at Travetine for Taarab performance (no offense)
 Annnndddd the time came for Mr Prashant to announce the winner....
REDDS Miss Tanzania 2013 is......Briggite Alfred from Sinza,Dar es Salaam!! She receives a Toyota Noah car and 8 Million Tshs

Many congrats to Briggite....and all the best

Stay tuned for our best part of any event...The BEST and WORST dressed category ;)

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  1. I must say, this year's winner Bridget is really beautiful compared to previous years winner. I was really fond of Lisa Jensen the beautiful lady who represented our country in Miss World this year. I wish Lisa joins Miss Universe Tanzania next year, she still has the age and the experience to win it all and shine internationally

  2. Yeah she is a real beauty but looks innocent and non polished for the miss world runnaways,...I think Kamati ya miss Tanzania yabidi kuwahusisha watu wenye experience kwenye kumuandaa mrembo wetu angalu tufikege hata 10 bora jamani tangu atutoe Nancy ndio kushne mpaka leo. I believe we have got the looks tatizo exposure tu,....huyu mrembo inabidi anolewe kiukweli! Maria Sarungi na kina Nancy pse help if she wins it will be our all proud