From the Epic Bongo Star Search red Carpet

 Let's start by looking at the different hair,make up and accessories that caught my attention

 The geeky specs are still rocking the red carpet...from both males and females
 007 James Bond was still trending at this red carpet....God bless the bow tie :)
 The judges for Epic Bongo Star Search were all looking sharp!
 Martin Kadinda did it again...this time,he dressed one of the judges, Salama Jabir
 The Pah One music group was there rather artistic costumes (for the boys)
 The long sexy hair styles were well all shades of colors
 Art is one crazy and fabulous tool...
 And here goes the fashion trends for the night...from shorts to mini dresses, to pants and long elegant evening wear...we saw it all.
 This was one of the couples i adored on that red carpet....
 A family of one of the Top Five contestants for Epic BSS..I wonder if this kid stayed until 3a.m too
 Burgundy color is trending worldwide,and Mboni of "The Mboni Show" isn't left behind
 The little and long black number was there too..
 Ooooh I love this! Two gentlemen who run from my camera most of the time,gave in on EBSS! Thank you guys, you look smart!
 Moving on...Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimples was dressed by designer Mtani Nyamakababi in a double breasted white blazerwith multiple studs...he matched the look with white sneakers
 Tanzanian stand up comedian Evans Bukuku introduced us to his lovely wife...what a beautiful couple!
 I spotted another designer shirt, worn by Sinda of Times FM....

 Notice the studded black wedges? I first saw them on Eskado Bird at the Enchanted Jungle show..

 Studs were everywhere it!
 One of the best Tanzanian designers, Eve of Eve Collection posing with her beautiful Mother... If you saw Madam Ritha's dress, well....Eve is the designer behind it

 Okay...In any great red carpet event,there are those people who always add some fun into it... Here we call them, Worst Dressed.... Take a Look Below

I rest my case and move on to something else... I hope you enjoyed the red carpet retro..

Missie Popular


  1. mm naona kama kuna kaupendeleo hivi MP coz hao uliowaweka ktk worse dressed kuna wengine wamevaa kama walivyovaa aadhi ya hao best dressed labda tu kwa sababu hawafahamiki na hii si nzuri kila mtu anastahili kupata haki yake this way mtafanya watu wakatae kupigwa hizo picha zenu ktk hizo red carpet zenu hakuna mtu anapendwa kunangwa plz be fair hata sisi tunaona na tunajuayupi ni yupi

  2. hello Anonymous: katika hii post hakuna aliyewekwa kama best dressed...maana hiyo kazi ni yako kama mfuatiliaji wa MP na unayetambua mavazi... hao wa worst dressed ni wale walioonekana kuwa tofauti sana na event (waliovaa kama wanaenda harusini, waliovaa kama wanaenda disco, na waliovaa nguo zisizoendana kabisa na maumbo yao,hivyo kufanya waonekane vibaya.

    However, unayo nafasi kubwa ya ku-nominate both best and worst dressed kwa jinsi unavyoona wewe.
    Thanks for the comment

    Missie Popular