Models from "Strut it Afrika" showing how it's done

This is special to all Tanzanian models out there....There are alot of opportunities in this country,and are yet to be tapped. Let me use this Model Agency from Kenya,as an example....It is owned by a model too.

We both remember this handsome gentleman from last year's Swahili Fashion Week..right?
 His name is Mosses Rnaze and he is the  founder and CEO of Strut it Afrika, a modeling agency in which he directs photoshoot, find the market and together with his team, models too! Now... Look at their latest project:
 This is not just any's a campaign/marketing tool for Enashipai Resort and Spar...all models used are from 'Strut it Afrika' ...posing in different parts of the hotel...and as the camera capture them,it also captures the different details and facilities of Enashipai Resort and Spar :))

 Models came together and started something huge, and now they are one of the best Models Management company in Kenya....
 His models go all over the world for different fashion shows...and I must say, for the few of them that i have personally seen on the runway...they are good!!

Tanzanian models, are you able to put your differences aside...come together and form something that will shape and change your careers forever? You know your challenges, you know the market and most of all,you know your strength.... Be Inspired

Missie Popular


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