MP Events this Weekend

The weekend is the end of the month....It is going to be a great one! Here are some of the events that you should try...
It's Furahi Dei...Triniti gives you a chance t "shave it off"..and dance! :))
SATURDAY...This is one busy bee...BUT for me,I will kick off with the amazing Nyama Choma Festival.. T-Bonaz have that tender BBQ Chicken that i have been dreaming of!
 I hope we will meet there
 For those in Arusha...Poetry and Jazz night seems like a fun event to be at...
At the same time, Poetry lovers in Dar will have a great chance to celebrate AIDS Day with poetic lines...Let's reduce infections to ZERO!
M.P will be at the Red Ribbon Fashion Gala event, to record every single detail and share with you. If you will be there too,  do not hesitate to say HELLO...

Missie Popular


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