M.P Must Have: The Pencil Skirt

Yes,the pencil skirt is still IN and works wonders!
 This simple yet classy design is loved by many fashionistaz, especially those with jobs in the Corporate World. I for one is in love with this design, i never get tired of it. Why?
 Let me put it this way: The pencil skirt of the right length can get you through the work place comfortably, it gives you the sexy and classy look, it accentuate your body structure..and when worn with the right shoes, it gives you the elegance you require.

 It may come in plain colors or various prints....
 It may be long or short...depending on the look and place you want to be...let's say, you have that beach event and you want to rock a pencil colorful mini skirt with the right top and shoes...off you go.
 It can also be a designer (Pucci or McCartney) pencil skirt or from any local designer....

At the end of the day, the pencil skirt always have your back...just like that pair of jeans/denims ;)

If you don't have any,yet.....grab one now...

Missie Popular


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