The Charity Walk Press Conference with Minister Shukuru Kawambwa

Following the Charity Walk for raising funds to assist Tanzania Education Authority to construct 30 hostels in 8 regions in Tanzania, the TEA Ambassadors had a press conference facilitated by Minister of Education, Hon Shukuru Kawambwa. The press conference took place today morning at the Ministry boardroom, with attendance from TEA, Media and TEA Ambassadors Rebecca Gyumi, Faraja Kota Nyalandu, Nancy Sumari, Mariam Ndabagenga (Missie Popular) and our new Ambassador, Elias Barnabas of Tanzania House of Talent.
 Hon Minister Shukuru Kawambwa with Director General of Tanzania Education Authority, Madam Rosemary Lulabuka sharing the plans and campaigns organized by both TEA and the Ministry.Among talks on this press conference was the issue of early pregnancies and how these hostels will assist to reduce the problem and keep girls in schools.
 Our new member of the Ambassadors team, Tanzanian artist Barnaba was touched by this campaign and volunteered. He and the THT band will be at the Charity Walk on Saturday to provide you with amazing entertainment.
 Director General of TEA expressed her appreciation to all who continue to donate to the cause, and urged more to come forward to give what they can afford. She also introduced the ticket sale which is already in progress at Mlimani City, Quality Center, Sea Cliff, Shear Illusions and from the Ambassadors. The tickets are sold for Tshs500 (Pupils), Tshs 2000(Secondary Students), Tshs 5000 (University students), Tshs 20,000 (Adults) and Tshs 100,000(Corporates)
And here are the Ambassadors: LEFT: Nancy Sumari, Sylvia Lupembe (TEA PR Manager), Faraja Kota Nyalandu, Barnaba, Rebecca Gyumi and Mariam (Missie Popular)

Hopefully you have already purchased your ticket by now...because Saturday is a big day! Confirmed attendance are big Celebrity names from Music, Bongo Movies, Radio and TV Presenter, Sociolites, name it! Even Miss Tanzania 2012 will be there...why not you too?

Missie Popular


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