Who wins Bongo Star Search,Tonight?

Looks like it just started yesterday...BUT the finale for Bongo Star Search is here! I guess we were having too much fun and excitement, time flew so fast ;))...Well, here are the remaining Top Five
So, we saw them since first auditions...when they joined the academy...the transformation throughout the way...and Tonight, they do their final EBSS performances as contestants, and only ONE of them can walk away with the Millions of Tshs Reward! Who will it be?
1. Nsami Nkwabi
2. Walter Chilambo
3. Nshoma
4. Salma Yusuph
5. Wababa Mtuka ....

Leave us a comment with the name of your choice....

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  1. Noticed that you keep using photos from the EBSS Facebook page and not crediting the source...would be nice if you did...just because there are no watermarks on the image doesn't mean it is not some one's intellectual property. Just a thought.