Best of 2012: Projects that caught our attention

Shamim Mwasha of 8020Fashions did a Women's Celebration event...
Kemi Kalikawe Launched the Naledi Fashion Academy.....
Ally Rehmtullah Continues to support the fight against drug use both in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar
Kiki Fashions was able to get UNHCR to do a fashion event at IST 
The fight against killing and discriminating people with by F.P Novelli
Ooooohh it was one great game...even though Tanzania was beaten ..thank you Sprite
It was my first time to witness the Baikoko dance...thanks to Khadija Mwanamboka and her Muungano Festival event...with Kasso Ent.
If you have been to Evans Bukuku Comedy will understand why am sending these greetings. Thanks Vuvuzela Ent for making our Tuesday,worthwhile.
She has a heart of gold....Flaviana Matata donated these floaters as she remembers the MV Bukoba accident where she lost her mother.
Nelly Kamwelu,Miss Universe Tanzania 2011 did a cancer event,raising funds for Tanzania Cancer you gal!
One of the events i look forward to,every Groove Theory! Thank you took the Dar es Salaam by storm,this year!
Kadinda.....this kid just has to say thanks to has been a great year to him. From single button,to showcasing in USA etc....
 Gonga is another brand i salute,when events are concerned,,,making us wear uniforms to a party...and we like it..heheheheh
 2012...Tanzania took part in the Olympics and was last like that kid holding our flag....mmmxxiiuuu
 2012 also brought back the amazing Fina Mango...Saturday afternoons are never the same
Another fashion event made headlines this year...Dar Fashion Festival....
 Aunt Asya Idarous keeps reminding us on the use of that local Khanga material...thank you Auntyy
As usual,Mustafa Hassanali and his team made it this year! Swahili Fashion Week celebrating 5 was amazing! Plus,i got to know the legend Jan Malan actually reads my blog :))))
 Last but not least...the new Siri ya Mtungi of the best TV series we have seen so far...looking forward to seeing more in 2013...

If 2012 was a great year on your  projects,say a word of thanks to God and those who supported you throughout...the way am saying THANK YOU to you my reader. Without you,M.P Blog wouldn't have reached where it is today...

Missie Popular


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