Dear Matukio Chuma- Former Mr. Tanzania

 I have known Matukio since before he became Mr. Tanzania...when we were still students at UDSM. He used to be a little bit bigger than now...and his style did stand out among the UDSM students,which I believe is one of the reasons he won the Mr Tanzania contest...Not forgetting the fact that,he is cute ;)
 His style was on point! I think he was among the very few guys that wore trendy stuffs all the time, and we used to refer to these kinda guys as "Mabraza men"...What I don't understand now is the trends he has been seen in,in different events.
Wearing the same trouser in multiple events is not even one of the reasons why i was disappointed...rather the message that the above looks,gave to the observer...the carelessness of oneself....If i may say so.

Maybe Matukio is still trying to find the style that suites him best,like many of us still do....BUT again, I should point out that Matukio is former Mr Tanzania. When I saw this Manju Msita lookbook modeled by Matukio, amazing!
This is an open plea to you,Matukio...Let's do something about that Mr. Tanzania Image,you have young boys who aspire to live that experience,and you have an obligation to live up to that brand promise. Manju Msita and many other designers and stylists are there to assist and support many of us who are still finding the best styles and trends that defines us...

Let's use our very own Designers and stylists to create our brands and still look presentable in any event/media presentation. This is for all Celebrities out there.

Missie Popular


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