Frank Komba's Wedding

Thursday, December 20, 2012 Mariam 0 Comments

My friends are all getting married these days...dooooh! maybe it's about time i start re-thinking about that side of
Saturday was a great day for Frank and his beautiful and friends,co-workers of both sides etc...we were all there to celebrate!
 The bride and one of their poses for pictures...which Frank was updating on his BBM throughout!hehehhehehe....I adore thsi couple..they are best friends and so comfortable with each other
 All sharp and bow tied....Frank and his entourage of best men...
 Friends from all...some flew from London for the wedding...others drove from Kariakoo too (hello It was one of the fun weddings i have attended so far.
 After all the normal procedures of a Tanzanian wedding, the bride and groom joined their friends and family for photos and lot's of dancing!

 When i say "dancing"...I mean going all the way...from "chop my mo'ney" Kwaito...
 Mama mzaa chema....Frank posing with his mother and sister....
 Practicing fatherhood?...
My partner in crime...Derrick ...and ofcause,the man behind the camera, Michael Carter Mlingwa Mx....

Many congrats to you Frank and your beautiful wife..May you grow old together and have many kids that you can love.

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