Gabriel Mollel "Sairiamu" Collection at Swahili Fashion Week 2012, Day One

 The collection was aspired by the Maasai worrier and the love for leather...accessorized with Maasai local beads and some feaathers here and there.
 The look was complemented with Sairiamu leather sandals adorned with beads...
 Gabriel went farther and used the local Maasai Woman shawl material to make these amazing dinner dresses, with a mix of beads embroidered in

 Not only did we ogle at the clothes and sandals...the bags got their share too...

 There were two pieces that were quite different from others..with floral print with Maasai beads details

 Natural Leather is a Gabriel Mollel signature..

 The Maasai warriors ready to take over  

 He mixed leather and sisal by products to make these pieces..with a hint of Maasai red print and Swahili Khanga material... here and there

 And here is the designer himself...Gabriel Mollel,ladies and gentlemen

Missie Popular


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