Miss Universe Tanzania in National Costume

 The national costume of Miss Universe Tanzania 2012  Winfrida Dominic was designed by Veena Jog and was dubbed by the designer “Tanzania in chains” The national costume including the gold make up on her face and the colors of the flag of Tanzania – represent the rich resources of the country. And while these resources should make Tanzania one of the richest countries in the world, Tanzania still remains a “Least Developed Nation” as most people of Tanzania are not benefitting from these resources.
 The designer explains:This dress is like a modern art representation of the contrast of wealth in Tanzania to the hardships and challenges that a individual faces. The colors represent the Tanzanian flag and the gold the natural wealth available. The simplicity of the dress say that Tanzania is ready to break the chains that bind it and emerge into the world as a power to be reckoned with”. The winners of the National Costume show will be announced during the final competition.
Winfrida Dominique is competing with 88 other beauty queens from around the world in the finals of Miss Universe - the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. The final competition will be held December 19th, 2012 at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, USA.
The creativity behind this is costume,amazing! National flag turned into a National Costume for Miss Universe Tanzania 2012, Winfrida Dominick. Keep shining,gal

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