My Sunday at Mbudya Island- Courtesy of Clouds Media

 The journey started at 9am from Slipway..we boarded one vessel that reminded me of Pirates of the was fantastic! Being one of the clients for Clouds Media, it was great for them to give us such a gate away....
 The Indian Ocean was calm and we sailed an hour and a half,we reached the Island where we had different fun exercises until 6pm...Am not going to share the details,since "What happened in Mbudya,stays in Mbudya"
 With Stella....epic!
 I was honored to meet other Clouds Media clients...especially those that I have been targeting for future business....hihiihih

 Barbara ...this is my way of saying,reduce my sentence pleaseeeeee....
 Beautiful People lounging.....
 Thank you ladies,i had an amazing time

B12, Stella, Millard....You guys are just insane!....Thank you,all

Missie Popular


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