Said Bungara and Rehema's Wedding

Sunday, December 30, 2012 Missie Popular 1 Comments

 The bride was looking... Mash'Allah! a Muslim wedding with all the traditions and modern infused details...
 After a traditional Islamic Nikah...the couple had a great reception party that took place at Markham, Mikocheni
 Colors of the wedding were black and orange....

 The proud father of the groom,showing how it's done!

Said is one of the very earliest and loyal supporter of M.P Blog....
 Said and his wife thanking Faida (wedding committee leader) for all her work to make this a success. Faida also stood as one of the representatives fro NHC, where the groom works

Fatabarakallah....May you have a successful and happy blessed grow old together and bring us some nieces and nephews... ;))

Many congrat's Said and Rehema...

Missie Popular

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