Salim Ali Talks about his Swahili Fashion Week Collection

 My  name is Salim Ali, a Tanzanian fashion designer designer based in Dar-es-salaam, My whose been involved in the fashion industry for a couple of years now, i love art in different forms, music,fashion,dance etc
 I was inspired to join the industry after seeing the amount of potentials our country has, and the rise of
more African designers so i decided to put in my touch so as to add more flavor in the industry.

I am happy and proud to have released four collections since i started, which is a very big achievement for me as a young man. My last collection “MNG’AO” was a success because the response i got from
people was great

Though it's hard work but it still kept me going and managed to come up with another collection this year known as “Brown Sugar” which i managed to showcase at the Swahili fashion week festival which happened on the 6th- 8th of December.

Brown sugar stands for the proud African brown skin which stands for hard work, resilience, happiness and success, embracing the African style and charm.

Thanks to the almighty Allah i have managed to achieve a couple of things this year, by dressing alot of big names in the industry, either for their shows, or video roles .

Very happy to have received an award as the best upcoming Designer of the year in the lady in red Fashion show ,with that it was more like a platform for me to step up my game and work harder so as to achieve more in life.


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