Siri Ya Mtungi and the Force Behind It

 MFDI is the creative force behind New TV series Siri ya Mtungi. MFDI Country Director, John Riber, has not experienced anything like it in his long career making films and dramas, from India and Bangladesh to Zimbabwe and Tanzania.
For Riber, the series has allowed him to combine the magic of film together with the necessity of development and the power of education as well as the ability to develop capacity and employment in Tanzania. For example, he states that the Nigerian film industry is the second largest employer in the country behind the government.
If you thought it was a joke,think Again :)
 “I discovered early in my career that what I really wanted to do was to harness the power of film as a direct intervention in the process of development or social transformation. I wanted to use film for audiences in developing countries, making films FOR Development, as opposed to making films ABOUT Development. And that is how we approach our all work at MFDI.”
MFID at work....I can already imagine the quality of this Program! Ooooohh am excited to have a glimpse of this...aren't you?

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