When a big family faces tough challenges, some fall apart and some triumph over what life throws at them.

Siri ya Mtungi’s cast of colourful characters, related by blood or marriage, or simply by love, make up a community that is inspired by love, brought down by fear, superstition and betrayal, lifted by comedy and joy, and strengthened by the intimate bonds of family and friendship.

It’s a story of relationships won and lost.

Between busy Dar es Salaam and the laconic streets of Bagamoyo, we get behind closed doors into the lives of Cheche and his wife Cheusi, daughter of well-known community leader, and polygamist, Mzee Kizito, as well as characters like deejay Duma, amorous Lulu, viperous Farida, lecherous Masharubu, and many more.
When Cheche is gifted a commercial studio by the late photography guru, Habibu, he finds himself not only taking pictures but becoming the focus of what other people want from life. Cheche’s relationships get complicated.
In his unique portraits of individuals, of families and friends, Cheche captures the soul of a community on its journey of hopes, dreams and personal crises.

Check out this griping new TV series to be aired weekly from 9:30pm every Sunday on ITV and 9:30pm every Wednesday on EATV!

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