The rhythm is created out of traditional Ngoma and other traditional instruments

Baikoko is danced mainly by women,and it involves alot of waist manipulation (wining)
Its and did i say a lil' "vulgar?"
Men can also dance to this ngoma if they can "wine n grind"
HERE is a CLIP of the Baikoko show at Muungano Lifestyle Extravaganza...ENJOY
Thank you KASSO Entertainment for introducing me to this Tanzanian culture originating from Tanga...Indeed,there is a first time for everything!

Missie Popular
 Tanzanian entertainer and musician,Diamond made another mark this Sunday! With a remarkable stunt of arriving at the venue on a chopper,wearing ARMY-like costumes ....
 Am talking,proper Army-like costumes...with studded shoulders,breast pocket medals and stuff!
 This costume has been designed by KIDOTI, a brand by Jokate Mwegelo...and its not the only outfit he wore!!
 The crowd at DarLive went bananaz when the helicopter approached..and their homeboy became a Start on their eyes! Diamond who has been living in Mbagala for many years returned home to perform one more time!
So,he arrived at DarLive...BUT how was the performance?...Stay right here as many more images are to come your way.
We will explore his performance...His TWO costumes/outfits and most of all...I will give you my opinions on his ARMY THEME for this event.

Images by ISSA MNALLY/ERICK EVERIST - of Global Publishers Limited

Missie Popular
He weds in style!! Congrats Mr and Mrs. Haki Ngowi on your wedding! May God grant you a lifetime together,full of happiness,joy ...and ofcause,BABBIES!!

Dressed by: Sheria Ngowi of Sheria Ngowi Brand

Missie Popular
Maybe you heard of the word "Mgahawa" before? A swahili word for Cafe' or a Restaurant....and as in any Cafe',there are lots of talks on different issues facing the society. In "Mgahawa" TV program,its no different.
 Facilitated by Omar Mohammed (Shurufu),this show is like no other!
Tackling political,financial and social issues facing our East African societies,Mgahawa is your one stop TV program for any youth interested to follow up on the hard talks and trending topics in East Africa. Here is a CLIP on the show;
Don't miss "Mgahawa" every Sunday 1:30pm and Monday 8:30pm....You can also follow the conversation on TWITTER through @Mgahawa and on "Mgahawa"s  FACEBOOK page

Missie Popular
 Her name is Kemi of the best designers in Tanzania!
Like these great creations...and she is also the founder of Naledi- A school for fashion and design
On the other side,we have Rio Paul! Smart,fun,creative and also,a lil' crazy! heheh
This will testify to that!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY guys!! have a fabulous day.....

Missie Popular
 The Indoor basketball gym at the National Stadium was packed!!
 AND1 players were so impressive,and i gathered that,so many young players in Dar,had these guys as their role models in the game!
 The match was very interesting..with both parties giving their A-Game!
 Tanzanian Dar All Star team was playing their best Basketball game, while our guests were playing the best Street Ball i have ever seen!!
 At the end of the day, we saw amazing dunks....great game,well...and so many baskets too
 Unfortunately the baskets were giving points to one side only...AND1 team from USA
Until the end of game, ADN1 was leading with 123 points against Dar All Star with 71 points.  From Tanzania, Mashauri was the man of the game....he really did the best!!

However, A certain professional in the basketball game whispered to me that, Tanzania doesn't have a Street Ball team,and nobody really know that side of the game...So,he believe that,there was a need for Tanzanian basketball players to learn this game too...and if possible,we can have both the normal basketball teams...and those Street Game players too....

I concur...and i believe Sprite will be ready to sponsor such efforts! In case you know how to work it out,please do something NOW...

Missie Popular
Sajuki is one of the great actors in Tanzania. He married Wastara after she had a terrible accident which left her with one leg. Now,Wastara has a new born baby,and her husband Sajuki is very ill! This family needs our HELP now!
 When married her,they were the happiest couple...Love with no bounds
 But now she needs our assistancy to support Sajuki's medical bills and her baby
This is how Sajuki is,at the moment. He is in need of medical attention,which is expensive (25 million Tshs= almost 20,000 USD) . He is required to go to India for treatement, (a tumor in his stomach) and he can not afford the journey and medical bills. Please let's assist by sending any amount here:
AKIBA  BANK AC No. 050000003047,WASTARA JUMA or
Thank you for the support

Missie Popular
The setup for the evening event is already done...Red Carpet, perfomance stage...and most of all,the shopping extravaganza will still be on,throughout the event!!
 You can shop for bags...those traditional slippers...
 Lotion,body mist,clutches....
 Sonya is also here to make sure you get the Beauty Tips...
 Shop for your kids too...
 For those Shoe-holics like me...this is your place to be!!
 Great music is already playing now...and later on,we will have Baikoko,Taarab and more
 The Red Carpet is ready and waiting your arrival!
And THAT is the stage!! adorned with Blue looks superb,especially as its illuminated by the above lighting!

Missie Popular has a table specific for her fans,AND you...being one of them,is welcome to come join! If you are interested,please come at Diamond Jubilee at 9pm sharp and i will be there to pick you up!

Missie Popular
Yes,he is back in South Africa,again!! Am a little disappointed that he hasn't visited our parts...and there are so many fans here!!...AM ONE OF THEM...yes!
 This handsome dude,with such an amazing sexy expecting to perform in Joburg
 And a lil' bird told me, our girl Jokate will be interviewing him through Channel O!!
I just want one question asked,Jojo.....when is he expecting to come to East Africa? Tanzania,to be specific....maybe Missie Popular will get a one-on-one chat with him...especially on his sense of style...Trey Songs can sing,no doubt about that...BUT he can also shock you with his fashion sense!! Amazing!

All the best with the performance...

Missie Popular
It has been a fun fun time for the kids today! Junping castle,face painting...popcorns...just amazing time for them!
 Diamond Jubilee looks amazingly colorful...
 I have seen great dresses,shoes,bags, and such cosmetics...Its all sold here today!
 Since its an afternoon for kids...their are having a ball! Imagine this is their photo booth...the girl in green couldn't get enough of the "click,click"...such a cutie too!
 While the kids are playing,their moms are getting manicure..and do some shopping
 Amaya Beauty Salon and Spa...your place to visit!
 And the heaven for kids....HBHB brought a jumping castle indeed!
 I wished to join them
 This kid got my attention...he started bargaining with the popcorn guy...and when it wasn't working,he went to the Ice cream guy...hehehehhe! I just had to let him do his thing there...i hope it works!

So,did you miss this family time with your kids? Not to worry,Muungano Lifestyle Extravaganza is still on...and this time,its FUN TIME for YOU....
Stay with me to know more....

Missie Popular