As Lionel Messi wins his fourth Ballon d'Or , Let's see his style

Ballon d'Or is the Oscar's of football...where FIFA gets to award best of all categories in the game...
 Am a football fan,yes....a TRUE DIE HARD Chelsea FC Fan..However,i do recognize talent whenever i see one,and Lionel Messi is one hell of a player! A Barcelona player from Argentina, he has tricks like no other... So,on the image above,was when he received his award in 2010..He chose a rather sleek velvet black blazer with black bow tie...
 Then he went for an almost same blazer but in a different color...a darker tint of burgundy....If my eyes serves me right..this time he blended the look with a waistcoat and slim tie
 This year however...Messi went for a dotted blazer with matching bow Polka dots taking over football too? like the mix,see the image below for a full view...
He might be in his prime football-wise...BUT i think he is okay too,fashion-wise...what do you think?

PS: Sorry Man'ure fans...who the hell is RVP? bwahahahah

Missie Popular


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