From the Golden Globe Awards 2013- Red Carpet

Fashionwise,this is the first ever 2013 event which will determine the trends for this year,in terms of red carpet looks. The Golden Globe was full of colors, patterns,pastels,lots of black pieces, white ones too...ooooh,and that crazy high slit refused to remain in 2012! Here is the recap of some of the looks

 oooopppss,i forgot to mention the lace and sheer garments....

 Black and Gold seems to be taking over...

 Sequins are in style,always....
 Elegance meets studs....I like the details on the neck of the dress...

 Ahhhhaaaa.....the slit! Hello Angelina Jolie,you thought you are the only one with some good let to show off?
 I have a feeling this side-cut trend will be in style for a big part of 2013.... comment.

I hope this helps you to figure out what to wear in the coming red carpet events...yes?

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Missie Popular


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