From Runway To the Streets- Louis Vuitton

 After a major fashion show...especially by big names in the fashion industry, you are bound to meet and/or see people trying the different pieces from the collection. This is not different in Tanzania and East Africa in general...However,today we look at three different looks from LV the 2012 Collection. The show was magnificent, with checkered pieces of different colors and patterns. So, Kristen Stewart (from Twilight), Kerry Washington( from Scandal) and Jessica Alba ..all tried different looks;
 This is Kristen in one LV jumpsuit.
 Kerry Washngton went for this "below the knee" length dress
 Jessica Alba chose an almost identical dress to Kerry, but hers is of a different color ...
Consider they styled their pieces, together with how these pieces fitted their bodies....

Who do you think did the LV,justice? Is it Kristen, Kerry or Jessica?

Missie Popular


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