Swahili Fashion Week 2012- The M.P Review

One of the best decisions that the Swahili Fashion Week team has made over the years, is taking Jan Malan to direct and choreograph the whole event...This guy is a genius! Taking 2012 as an example, he gave a twist into the show,especially on the music department and the control of lighting...
However,one thing to the SFW Team, please please...let's change from the "white runway" that we have been using over and over again...let's get more creative and come up with a new idea on how to make that runway,magical....
From the 2012 runway, it was hard to get quality pictures since the white floor was causing a "burning" effect on the models,thus,the clothes weren't looking their best,in pictures.
Another thing i noticed was varieties in terms of collections showcased. African designers are moving from the use of traditional African fabrics and patterns,and try to give the International designers a run for their money... Kudos to all designers who showcased in 2012.
However, from the adverts provided by the SFW Team,there are several designers that were expected to showcase in 2012,but were no show. BAD ENOUGH,nobody from the SFW Team bothered to inform the audience about the absence and reasons behind that.
Personally i felt cheated when I was expecting to see the Zimbabwean designers, Mpho Kuaho etc,in vain! And i believe I speak for many others who showed up on specific days just to see certain designers' collections,BUT left disappointed and without explanations.
Moving on, Swahili Fashion Week 2012 is one of the fashion events that gave "something for everyone" in terms of designs/collections showcased. For those who like colorful prints,patterns, African prints, Islamic styles etc...there was something for everyone.
Men were soooo not left behind,and the best part was,female designers showcased lot's of male pieces. However,I noticed that many designers were copying/ getting inspired by each other...and to be frank,it was like watching Manju Msita designs over and over again,even though Manju was not showcasing at all!
In terms of the audience,well...the place was packed on the last day,which is quite sad since most of the show happened on the first and second days. Maybe people are interested in the Awards ceremony,and to me..those are not lovers of fashion. Big up to all who showed up for all three days' shows...
PS: SFW Team,please find a venue that will be convenient for everybody,in 2013 and other coming years.
Models: I heard that someone trashed on models that showcased in 2012..and I should say,SHAME ON YOU! Of all three years of my following up on Swahili Fashion Week, this year I saw new faces, old ones, desperate ones..you name it! And that combination gave the show a life that is worth recognizing. Yes,there are those who had bad walks...others failed to remember their choreography..BUT isn't that part of the fashion week fun? Big up to all Models,both local and Regional....you guys rocked!
Coming to the red carpet. My oooh my...weren't we neglected! The red carpet was set with only one flood light which left most photographers with dark or burnt pictures...It wasn't pretty at all. I hope you hear my cry,Hassan.....next time,please give us a better venue to work with...your event will look classy that way.
I have said this before and i will say it again...Ndibs Edna,you know your work well! The make-up styles for 2012 SFW was on point...even the male black lipstick...lol. On the hair part...Da' Rehema is known for her work,and the combination of hair and make-up was just amazing...
Accessorising the designs: In all designers who showcased in 2012 and even in other fashion events, I rarely see Tanzanian designers accessorise their pieces....with an exception of Ailinda Sawe. If you are a designer and you do style your collection before putting it on the runway,keep it up...And if you do NOT do so,be inspired.
So....in terms of choreography of the event...everything was well organized from Day One to Day Three...until this part. The runway show had come to an end and the MC had already mentioned the next agenda,Awards.....then,Mustafa Hassanali (founder of SFW) remembered " There are certificates to give"...so,randomness began up until we went back to the Awards agenda.
 Talking about the Awards: Something bothered me when the nominations began. It is obvious that there are categories which featured people that aren't that popular to the public,thus they didn't receive enough votes to assure their win. It is not because they were less competitors,BUT because they were familiar to few people. My advise to the Swahili Fashion Week Team,next time please prepare a short bio of each contestant with one or two images of either their work (for photographers), or of themselves (stylish personalities) for people to see before the voting starts.Your blog is a great avenue for such.

Anyhow...those are my views on specific aspects of the Swahili Fashion Week  2012 event...Ooooh ooh...I almost forgot, Washington,can we get more companies to sponsor the Awards? I got the iPad (Best fashion Blog),thanks to Vodacom..BUT if the best fashion photographer could get a camera, stylish personality to obtain shopping vouchers..etc...the Awards would make much more sense ;))

That's all from my part...See you on the next SFW 2013...

Missie Popular

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