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Saturday, February 09, 2013 Missie Popular 3 Comments

 Shopping while sipping that Moet champaign...what more can you ask for? Kisa of Kiki Fashions organized a special Valentine Sale that took place at her shop in Oysterbay...
 From 10 to 50 percent SALE...I was impressed!
 Pieces for everyone..from African,scarf,bohemian prints...cocktail dressses,casual wear,shoes, bath cream that leaves you smelling fresh...Kiki Fashions has put it all out there for you.
 So many friends and supporters of Kiki Fashions,showed up....
 Ofcause..Not only show up..they supported the business by shopping too...and it has been so much fun
 So,we did the shopping part...
 The singing and other crazy fun times...
 The getting to know each other...talking of this and that...
 Shop some more....
 Popping some more

 Cheers....It has been a great (and i hope successful) SALE for Kiki Fashions
Remember,the shop is located at Haile Selassie road,Oysterbay...

Missie Popular

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  1. Cjaona nu faces zaid ya hao mashost zake mambo yote Upanga

  2. mhh mbona ni kama ya mashoga tuu. Tena wamekaa kabisa nahh not clikin it

  3. Mabig!Successful sale my old boots!Yana mwisho hayo,soon tutasikis tu kimenuka.Na huyo alievunja ndoa ya mwenzake akaolewa yeye ndo mnafiki mkubwa!!Dunia itawaonesha kazi