From London Fashion Week 2013- Tanzanian Designers

Tanzania has been well represented in the ongoing London Fashion Week where three Tanzanian designers did us proud! They did the best to he extent of entering the Top Ten of the London Fashion Week International showcase!
Thee designer are Jacqueline Kibacha of Heart 365, Anna Lukindo and Chichia London(not in picture)
Heart 365 is a company that does all these amazing Maasai inspired jewels...
Supporting each other,Jacque of Heart 365 rocking a Chichia it!
Among other supporters and fashion lovers of London,the wife of Tanzanian Ambassador to the UK was there too
Many congrats to the Tanzania brands that shined and continue to do big outside our boundaries... Posing with the famous Hilary Alexander,it is Chichia, Jacque and Anna..all the three Tanzanian Somerset House. More images of their showcase,coming soon...

Missie Popular


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