New Joint in Town- Napoleon Bar and Restaurant

Saturday, February 09, 2013 Missie Popular 2 Comments

 The name is Napoleon Bar and restaurant...located in Mikocheni near adjacent Shoppers plaza...
 It is a superb chillout and a rush hour hangout for anyone who prefers an outdoor place with great air
 If coming from Mwenge and places of that direction,you take your left before the Morocco junction,passing the Hon. President Kikwete's family home and the Ethiopian restaurant,Addis in Dar. The Napoleon Bar and Restaurant is just by the road,you won't get lost at all
 While at Napoleon,you might either lounge on the seater inside or enjoy the natural air of the outdoors
 The bar is packed with all choices you might require...Ladies,I hope you can spot the STRAWBERRY LIPS drink on that
 And in case you are not a beer person....your favorite drink can be fixed for you...

 With a modern kitchen and a rather charming cook...your food choices are met...
 Especially if you need something to eat before indulging in that alcohol...
 Here are some of the friends and fans of Napoleon who never miss the fun...
 The amazing Babuu was there too...with great friends who were afraid of my
 When at Napoleon,you get to mingle with the who-is-who of Dar es Salaam entertainment industry...singers,rappers, radio/tv presenter,actors and
 Aloyce...I see youuuuu

 Looking forward to seeing YOU at Napoleon...remember,it is just next to Shoppers Plaza
At Napoleon,everyone enjoys as they wish...

Missie Popular

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  1. Waoh,it's a great place,keep poppin

  2. one of the great spot...