SALE SALE SALE at Mwasu Fashions

Mwasu Fashions is one of the celebrated fashion stops in Dar es Salaam. With clothes for both males and females, shoes, jewelry and even those Victorian's a place to pay a visit...especially now with this BIG SALE going on ;)
I was just passing-by when I saw that sign and it caught my attention...So,i went inside the shop and took these few images to show you exactly what that message meant..

Seen anything you like,yet? Keep scrolling down...

The shoes for the gentlemen covers all ranges..age included...

And for those looking for great suits ...Mwasu fashions got those too!

So,what are you waiting for? Pass-by and see for yourself...The shop is located at Matsalamat Building,Samora Avenue...Opposite the new NHC House.
Missie Popular


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