Tanzania lands on the Top Ten List at London Fashion Week,International Showcase

For over 27 years now,London Fashion Week has been giving designers,models,stylists,fashion bloggers,fashion journalists and all fashion lovers,a chance to enjoy what they love most...fashion. During the one whole week of fashion events, there is something called International Showcase,in which designers from differen countries are given a chance to participate alongside London Fashion Week...
For the first time,Tanzania got a chance to showcase,represented by three talented designers,Anna Lukindo, Jacqueline Kibacha and Christine Mhando. These ladies stands for their brands Anna Luks, Heart 365 and Chichia,respectively.
Thanks to the Tanzanian Embassy in UK who provided the venue for the event,while Tanzania Tourist Board gave their usual support in marketing the country,worldwide

It's with such pride to announce to you that,Tanzania did so well in this first time London Fashion Week showcase,thus we made it to the Top Ten list and am sure that means,next yea we are in,again! Probably with more designers
Many congrats to the designers who showcaed their creativity, and to the Tanzanian commnity in the UK who showed their support in any way..
Special thanks to Urban Pulse and Freddy Mcha for sharing these great pictures with us...

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