Beyonce in Animated Movie, Beckham has a new Tattoo, and my Manology Copy has arrived!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Missie Popular 0 Comments

If you are on Missie Popular FACEBOOK Page,you might have already seen the new poster for Beyonce's animated movie in which she plays the role of Queen Tara...
The movie is called EPIC....can't wait to see it when it reach our cinema....I even got a partner in crime,who not only is a fan of animated movies...but also a huge King Bey fan!! Yes am talking about you,Hajeey....
In other crazy news,David Beckham almost stripped in China,to show off his new tattoo..The tattoo translates to  "Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven"....Great words indeed
You remember once i posted about the new book by Tyrese and Rev Run?! The Manology book which is written to reveal the secrets of what men's minds are to my boss Flaviana Matata who sent me a copy ...I just can't seem to put it is so interesting! For those who have watched the Run's House reality show,you know what am talking about...Rev Run is one nspirational man.....Again,Thank you much boss Flaviana....much love to you...

Missie Popular

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