From Demo Cosmetics-Shoes,Bags and More Shoes....

We saw the various cosmetics and make-up brands from Demo Cosmetics located at NHC House,Samora,let's see another product found at this shop...
Tshs 135,000
My dear Male Readers....are you with me here?!
Tshs 155,000
For people of all styles...come and get yours at Demo Cosmetics....
Tshs 280,000
Tshs 55,000
Need I say more?!....
Tshs 155,000 each
Now let's go to the Ladies....pumps of all types,and style!...
Tshs 155,000
Tshs 155,000
Tshs 55,000
Tshs 160,000
Tshs 200,000
Tshs 175,000
Tshs 155,000
Tshs 155,000
Are you a bag person?!
From Left: Tshs 98,000 and Tshs 130,000
From Left: Tshs 100,000 and Tshs 98,000
Tshs 130,000
What do you think now?! The shop is open for you,NHC House,Samora Avenue ground floor....
Thank me later.....

Missie Popular


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