Congrats to David and Teddy,on your Engagement!

 My cousin sister got engaged this weekend and it was superb! Her make-up done by Ndibs Edna...she looked amazingly beautiful!

  Friends and family showed up at Mikocheni at Teddy's family home,where the event took place
 On the right: Teddy's mom and my aunt was all proud as she watched her daughter all grown and ready to start a family of her own....
 On the other hand,i failed not to notice the groom's side plotting something....
 Anyhow...the usual Chagga traditions for dowry took place...with Teddy's big brother facilitating from our side
 After the traditions,the bride-to-be was accessible to the groom-to-be,in terms of the engagement process
 And there it was...what they were plotting came into light....and it was so romantic!
 Three beautiful girls,Fatma,Mumina and Rukia joined Davie to pop the magical question...WILL YOU MARRY ME?....
 If that didn't work,Davie had two men on with flowers and another one with a cake...
 And it worked! She said ......YES!
 So.....the ring came out....
 The sparkling diamond ring was put into it's right place...her finger.....
 This family is full of paparazzi, mchezo!!
 And now,it's official....David Mutabazi and Teresia Mrema are engaged to be married on 7th,September,2013.... is the message on the
Many congrats to the two of you....and welcome to the family,David....

Missie Popular


  1. Ooh that's nice,congrats to her,I didnt recognize her in the first place mashavuuu

  2. Congratulations,that's so sweet.

    Lynn from 3d-link China.