Eat Well,Live Well- A Campaign by Doctor's Plaza Clinic

Monday, April 29, 2013 Missie Popular 0 Comments

Doctor's Plaza Heart Clinic is the health center located at the Mawalla Conservation Building at Morocco,Dar es Salaam...They are a group of Doctors who work on all heart problems.
 This weekend,Doctor's Plaza Heart Clinic launched their campaign "Eat Well,Live Well" ...a campaign designed to educate Tanzanians on the importance of eating well for a healthy heart.
 They teach on how to plan your meals,the good healthy food for your body,cholesterol etc

 Dr. Sophia is among the members of Doctor's Plaza and the driving force of this campaign...
 Many family and friends showed up to support this campaign...which also included a free testing for all the guests...
 For us who are afraid of can imagine
 It's not all about the medicines.... We are What we eat...
For more info and checkups, visit the Doctor's Plaza Heart Clinic at Morocco....

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