Ask Flaviana Matata

We all have heard,met,or even saw her talk in various interviews...but we still want to hear some more from this young,talented and ambitious lady,Flaviana Matata...If you agree with me,then continue reading...
 Luckly,we have a chance to sit and talk with Flaviana....i mean an interview...and i had an idea. Why don't YOU,my reader,send in your question that you would like to ask her?!
I will receive the first TEN questions,and those are what will make our interview. The answers will all be published right here,on your favorite blog.

PS: We are known as a reputable blog for reputable people,let's keep that brand going...So,the questions should be direct and specific for the development of our Modeling Industry,Girl Power,Entreprenurial ....thank you.

Send in your questions by commenting on this post, inbox on our Missie Popular Facebook page,DM me on Twitter or by sending an e-mail through

Let's do this!

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  1. FIav is one of my fav models,number one in my list.I would like to ask her if she had ever thought of let her hairs grow long.
    NB I would like to know th whereabout of Hellen Nuya Daunsen.Kind of missing her.