Events This Weekend

 This weekend is packed with lot's of events! Starting tonight,there is the Premier of Fast and Furious 6,and up to this time,i heard the tickets are sold out!! Besides that, we have Groove Theory on Saturday at Velisa's Kawe Beach....for that soulful session with a great crowd,this is the place to be...
After GT,there is that UEFA Final match sponsored by Heineken Tanzania,and my invitation just arrived! See you at Golden Tulip...That is before we head to Ledger Plaza Beach Hotel for The Vibe Runway event
Missie Popular Blog is among the sponsors of the event.....that means,all images of what happens at the event,will be right here on M.P Blog....

Oooops,there is an Invitees only launch of Sheria Ngowi Flagship Store...will update you about it too..And on Sunday....we witness the Launch of Big Brother Africa "The Chase"....

Have a great weekend....Party Responsibly

Missie Popular


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