How to Remove Make-up

Since the weekend is here and our faces are guaranteed to have some killer make-up on...let's talk about How to Remove make-up,especially after an event. Make up has been an essential part of a woman's vanity,for centuries now. For some,it is part of their daily lives,they can't even imagine been seen outside their homes,without applying make-up....
 Well,staying for long with heavy make-up on, can damage your skin severely! That's why,you are advised to remove all the make-up on your skin,right after you are done with it. So,how do you effectively remove all the colors on your skin,eyes,lips etc? It's simple....

BUT, FIRST: Make sure you own a make-up remover product. It can be in terms of liquid or the famous wipes as seen below. Purchase the genuine gentle brands to avoid any problems. I prefer baby wipes :)
 Besides the wipes and/or make-up remover...Make sure you have the Q-tips/Cotton buds and the cotton rounds(for the actual removal process). The cotton buds are helpful in removing the eyeliner and mascara around your eyes....while the cotton rounds do the whole facial cleaning
Both WARM and HOT water are necessary....After you collect those,this is what you do;

1. Remove the foundation,eye shadow,Lipstick, eye liner and mascara from your face by using the cotton rounds or the wipes. Make sure you at least get it all out until the wipes get less dirt.
2:  After that,use the cotton buds to extract the remaining mascara and eyeliner from the inside of your eye lashes....We know how those things can get stuck on them lashes!
 3: Grab your facial soap and wash your face with warm water...Make sure the soap is gentle,do not use your laundry soap,please! I know many of African women do and we have been doing so,for a long time now. But the laundry soap is very strong and might damage your skin....

4:  When you are sure you got all the make-up,take a towel and the hot water. Cover your head with the towel and steam your face with the hot water....This helps to open up your pores and let your skin breath....Let it steam for at least 3 to 5 minutes.
5: Now that your pores are open and your skin is clean,splash some water on your face, apply Vaseline or honey on your lips and you are done!

There you have it..One thing though,Please DO NOT sleep with your make-up fair to your radiant skin

Missie Popular


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