Impressions from Sheria Ngowi Flagship Store- The Launch

So,the Sheria Ngowi Flagship Shop was launched this weekend...the event saw big names and famous faces in gold MOET glasses of champaign,beautiful setting and a cozy shop

The interior of the shop is quite "out-of-Tanzania" kinda setting,quite Royal...It actually gives that London or Paris kinda atmosphere....

The items of the shop are seeing arranged in a classy manner,giving the small room ample space for mobility

On a first glance,you might think the place has very minimal items...until you look closer.

Wall art is full of the shop owners in such elegant images as shot by OsseGreca Sinare

Pieces from Sheria's various collections can be purchased in this shop....make your appointment for fittings and all will be taken care of

With a small number of ladies items,the Sheria Ngowi Flagship Store is heaven for any stylish man...
Spoilt for choices is the term you might use when inside this store....

Need I say more?

Flagship Storep...literally....
So,here is a simple way to get yourself an appointment to Sheria Ngowi's ... Visit and make your booking....
Many congrats to Sheria Ngowi and his partner,Mwamvita Makamba....this is something new to the Tanzanian fashion industry.... 

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  1. True indeed!! My bad I missed the occasion! Thanks for sharing all the insights of the event as well as the overall impressions. Salut fellow blogger xoxo

  2. Where can i find you in Dar es salaam ? My contact. 0717600105 please its agent .