New Joint: Kama Zamani by MwanaFA Ft Kilimanjaro Band (Njenje) and Man'dojo& Domokaya

 Taking to the studio with the legendary Njenje group,Tanzanian Hip Hop superstar Mwana FA,Binamu...a.k.a Khamis Mwinjuma dropped this new hit single,Kama Zamani (Like It Used to Be). In the song are the unique voices of Man'dojo and Domokaya,the duo that has always been a great combination back in the days...
The new number has been on airwaves throughout the day...and the best part is,you can purchase it through iTunes,Spotofy and Amazon....starting NOW!

If you are yet to hear the song...this is for you

What do you think?

Missie Popular


  1. This song is too good its hurts! mwana Fa is taking this bongo music industry to another level......

  2. Niceeeeeee song!!