REDD'S Miss Dar City Center like never before!

After a very successful launch that took place on 18th May at Wantash Lounge,Oysterbay...Miss Dar City Center has announced the date and ticket prices for the big Finale!
The road to Miss Tanzania 2013 begins  at Miss Dar City Center.  Vip tickets : Tshs 50,000 Normal tickets : 20,000 
Miss Mecktilda is ready to pass on the crown to the winner,this June 1st at Golden Tulip Hotel,Masaki
The REDD'S who are the sole sponsor of Miss Tanzania 2013, will be there to witness the crowning of the new Miss Dar City Center....while Allure International sponsors this event.
And the marathon has started....Will Miss Tanzania come from Dar City Center? Rio Paul who is the organizer and PR person for Allure International,says "Ofcause! Where else do you get such beauty and talent than Miss Dar City Center?"
                   's at Golden Tulip Hotel, 1st of June 2013 ... for 50,000 Tshs VIP and 20,000 Tshs Normal sitting.

See you there!

Missie Popular


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