The Magic of a Cocktail Ring

 A Cocktail Ring is an essential part of a woman's attire...yes,it is still IN fashion...
 Be it in any form,gemstone and decoration'design...a cocktail ring adds style and class in your outfit. However,it all depends on your choice of the ring with reference to your outfit and the event in question
 A more subtle colored stone is more classy than a colorful floral huge cocktail ring...and this type of ring is best for serious events like dinner, official events and/or award/gala ceremonies
 Something of this nature....
 Moreover,for that chic look,colors can be added...together with more statement designed on that cocktail ring,to shift the attention from your other accessories,to your ring finger...
 The choice is all depends on your personality, mood,style...even your status in the society,choose wisely..
Missie Popular

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  1. This is nice missie you see most girls don't know much 'bout this