World Most Expensive Engagement Rings

5. De Beers Asscher Cut Diamond – $520,000
 De Beers Asscher Cut Diamond
Asscher cut diamond engagement ring by De Beers which has a attractive look but costs a little above half a million dollars. These Asscher cut diamond rings are famous amongst the Hollywood stars such as Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon received a 4 carats Asscher Cut engagement ring by his love actor Ryan Phillipe. This piece costs $520,000 and features a 10.19 carats Asscher cut engagement ring set in platinum from De Beers.

4. De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring – $525,000
 De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring
Lovely secret kiss of rose ring by De Beers. This bud shaped ring is extremely attractive engagement ring but excellent option for people that are looking for a pink color but with an expensive price tag which is over half a million. Pink diamond rings are famous amongst celebrities such as football player David Beckham and actress Victoria Beckham presented their fiancée with a pink color ring on their engagement. This piece sells for $525,000 and features 4.15 carats rose cut white diamonds with a bud shape and a 0.8 carats attractive small pink diamond in the center and all set in platinum.

3. House of Taylor's Oval Diamond Ring – $1.3 million
 House of Taylor's Oval Diamond Ring
The flower shaped oval diamond ring by House of Taylor. This beautiful ring has a 5.98 carats oval white diamond in flower shape and has 3.96 carats white diamonds around it which makes it look like a flower made with diamonds, however it is super expensive and cost above a million dollar. This piece sells for $1.3 million and features a 5.98 carats oval white diamond in the center with smaller 3.96 carats of white diamonds surround it, set in platinum.

2. Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring – $1.465 million (left)
Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring
the oval diamond ring by Tiffany however with a mind blowing price tag nearly one and half million dollars. Apart from price these rings have an extremely elegant and attractive look and available in oval diamond as well as in square pillow shape which are set in platinum.

1. De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum – $1.83 million
De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum
Finally the topper in the most expensive engagement rings list is this round brilliant platinum ring by De Beers. Which has a D- grade which the most desirable grade on the diamond color scale, which adds a reason to be super expensive. This ring has an attractive 9 carats round diamond giving it a great look, all set in platinum. This piece sells for $1.83 million and features a 9 carats round diamond set in platinum.


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