You are a Princess,Always!

Monday, May 20, 2013 Missie Popular 0 Comments

There are those who are privileged to be born into Royalty...and others who get to join the Royal Families through matrimony....However,we usually forget something,EVERY GIRL is a Princess!
 A girl is a Princess first,to her Father.....and then when she grows up,she becomes a Princess of her own
 If she marries the right man,she becomes Queen of the house and to her children
 But our society makes us forget that part...we get labeled other names that sticks,and we abandon our Princess ways and spirit....
 Let me remind all the girls today...YOU ARE A PRINCESS....the Royalty was born in you since day one,your father/dad/baba/Papa...treasured you and still does...
 Walk with your head high,sit with your back straight,wear the RIGHT clothes,equip your mind with the right knowledge....because your King wouldn't want to have you otherwise....

 No matter what they say about you or how many challenges you go through,keep that smile on your face and comes with the title...I am a Princess...
Have a great week ahead....i know mine is full of Princess responsibilities ;))

Missie Popular (The Princess)

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