B/Ball Kitaa Grand Finale

 It was one great event...basketball is one of the games i enjoy watching..well,not as much as football,but it's fun too... This Sunday at the Gymkhana basketball court,Dar es Salaam witnessed an amazing basketball moment

 From three points,to dunks and such techniques....

 Music performance by Chidi benz....

Big up to Karabani who is the founder of B/Ball Kitaa...

 Also...kudos to all who showed up to support the teams and organizers....

 We saw the veterans battling it off...Taji,Kevin Twisa, Jahhu were among the veterans who showed off their skills

 Videos on the dunks that took place that evening,coming up on our youtube page

If you missed this...see you next season.....

PS: Reuben Ndege a.k.a Nchakali ....salute brother!

Missie Popular


  1. missie thank you so much for this....you did not tag me and i am angry at you....syke.....thank you for the support. see you next year.

  2. hahahah..you are welcome Nchakali...I didn't tag you so i can prove if you are a true M.P Fam...lol...see you next season