Flaviana Matata responds to Questions from her Fans

A week ago,I gave a chance for anyone with questions to ask the Supermodel Flaviana Matata,to do so.... We received FIVE questions and our girl took her time to answer all of them...Here is how it goes.
Qn.01. Flaviana, if you could pick a carrier out of fashion and modeling
what will it be and why?
by Sheridan Ian

Flaviana Matata: Hello Sheridan,I think I was born to do this... But am electrician by profession, so definitely I would be a technician if not a model.

Qn. 02. FIav is one of my fav models,number one in my list.I would like to
ask her if she had ever thought of let her hairs grow long.
by Arisi
Flaviana Matata: Hi Arisi,thank you so much for your kind words,I don't have any plans of growing my hair now but as you can see,they have grown  a bit comparing to how they used to be.But heeeey who knows may be I will one day wake up and decide to change my look,so time will tell

Qn. 03.I am Godfrey Beatus, a fashion lover and Flavi's fan and am so influenced
by her works. What i want to ask her is how huge does she assist other
young and upcoming models and entrepreneurs? Has she ever done that or
she have any intention of doing so?

Flaviana Matata: Am open to assist anyone who need my help/advice but I can't promise to get anyone a gig as am not the one who makes decision at the end of the day.So if anyone happen to be in London,Paris or New York and want to see agencies I will be more than happy to help them make an appointment with few Agents I know.Karibu

Qn. 04. Mimi napenda kumuuliza flavvy,nawezaje kupata modelling agency
in order to be a successful model.
by Zulekha Brown

Flaviana Matata: Hi Zulekha the first thing unatakiwa kujua what you want in life as a model and do you qualify to be one?Then try go see agencies when you are up for open calls or appointment to see if you gonna get signed halafu from there ndo mengine yatafata..... Mungu jaalia
Qn. 05. What is the Flaviana Matata foundation? How does it help
by Anonymous

Flaviana Matata: FMF empower girls through education to improve their lives.We believe Education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world.You can learn more about us through our website www.flavianamatatafoundation.org

Many thanks to our Readers... Sheridan, Arisi, Godfrey, Zulekha and the Anonymous one...for sending in your questions. BUT even more kuddos to Flaviana Matata for taking time to answer them...

Keep it right here for more ...

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