Naledi brings you-Urban Hunter

Have you ever had a chance to win something in your life? Do you remember that feeling? Do you wish to experience that feeling?
Well,this is THAT chance.Naledi brings you the Urban Hunter competition,where you get to win various items like Dinners,Room Makeovers,Fashion items,Accessories,Drinks etc....

All you need to do,is READ and FOLLOW instructions on the CLUES that will be provided,to enable you t find the item in question. For example,You see a clue on M.P Blog about WINNING a dinner for FOUR at a prestigious restaurant...and the tickets are hidden somewhere inside that restaurant...together with instructions on how to get those tickets...SIMPLE!

Starting on 8th June to 29th June...we will provide different clues and YOU will be able to win as many items as you want to find....Are you ready?!

Missie Popular


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