Naledi Urban Hunter

Task #1: In the box is a gift voucher for 2 pairs of earnings from Ashakyv Collection. Find the box to claim your prize. (10 points)

Clue #2The box is tucked away in a small boutique down at the Slipway Souk selling natural organic product, body and facecare creams, cosmetic, branded perfumes products from Italy,France, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries. This little shop is a true treasure- shop opens from 10 am to 7pm and closed between 1pm and 3pm. Bonus gift from the shop for some lucky hunters

You have from 11th June until Saturday the 15th June 2013 to calm this prize. The winner is the first registered player to find the box, take a picture of it with you holding the box and an item with the location logo.

10 points will be given to your team, the more points you get the closer you are at getting the grand prize: The WINNING HUNTER with the most challenges completed will receive a room makeover. The overall WINNING TEAM (one with the most points) and their 15 friends will be whisked off to a SECRET location for a catered party!

To enter, Hunters should register for FREE a group of 2 to 4 people to get their HUNTER ID cards by:

1) Sending an email with your group’s contact information and passport size pictures to then

2) Texting the word HUNR to 15678 (powered by SEMA)  

This event is open to people 18+



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