Epic Bongo Star Search-The Top 20 Auditions

Its very close indeed! The race to get the Top 20 for EBSS took place yesterday at Little Theater and the talents showoff was off the charts! I arrived at the venue few hours before the auditions started and all i could hear were amazing voices from these young talents as they practiced before going in front of the judges...Desperation was in the air...however,HOPE won the battle...Here is how the auditions for the 50 contestants went down...

The fashion styles during the auditions was amazing! I saw the woooow and awwww

I can guarantee you,the judges are having a tough time,this year

The contestants performed both in groups and solo numbers...

And when it came to the time to chop and gauge the numbers until Top 20...reality kicked in for both the contestants and the judges
Hard times indeed!

So....Who made it to the Top 20 ??
mmmmhhhh...The answer to that, is in the next EBSS TV program...Are you ready for some comedy, sensational talents and more?...It's all about Epic Bongo Star Search...let the fun begin

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Missie Popular


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