Events This Weekend

The weekend is here...This Friday there are lots happening...AIESEC Tanzania holds its Annual Stakeholders Dinner at Golden Jubilee....moving to Picolo,Kawe Beach...Ndovu Special Malt brings another season of the Crystal Bar,Sealed in Gold!
At Mzalendo Pub,the kings of dance music,Mapacha Watatu,will be there to make sure your Friday goes in order!...Come Saturday...
We celebrate the Fourth Year of Harusi Fashion Show at Hyatt Kilimanjaro...Get your ticket NOW! From there,we join T-Bonaz and Blind Tigers at their KRUSH party at Carribean Kitchen.
E ding your weekend in style by lounging and jazzing at Velisa's for that Peroni Jazz Sunday! Need I say more?

Have a Fab Weekend

Missie Popular


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