From Women Supporting Women,Iftar

Many thanks to Sarah Raqey,Chaba,Mariam,Fatma and Paco Deco for an amazing iftar,last night! The theme is #WomenSupportingWomen and judging from the turnout,we really do support each other!
These two women are remarkable entrepreunurs!
Deco by Paco Decor,the Msasani Shopping Mall parking area was tranformed into an open restaurant within minutes!

The varieties in our iftar menu,OMG! My mouth still waters when i remember the plantains...and Samaki wa kupaka was there was a delicious iftar!
Among many,I attended too...The dresscode for the event was "covered up" by either Hijab,Abaya,dira,etc...I opted for a long black dress,african print blazer and a head wrap...
Maryam who was the finance person for the event...great job lovie!
Fashionistaz in every corner....

hahahahaha...didn't see this ninja! Anita,we should find you a Muslim name :))

In short,the iftar was previously planned for only 25 people BUT the support was immerse! Over 100 women showed up,all contributing 25,000 Tshs which cartered for the venue,decor,and iftar...and eve left a 5000Tshs from each woman,which goes to charity! How amazing is that?!

We should do this more often...Women can definitely support each other :))

All images by Gyver Meena, and For more images on this iftar...visit her blog,


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