Good Morning to All Weruweru Girls

Thursday, July 25, 2013 Missie Popular 2 Comments

"Hongera...Weruweru,umlezi wetuuu...."If this line reminds you of our beloved school,then this is for you.
In preparations for our big celebrations of Weruweru's Golden Jubilee,we have a meeting on Sunday at Cine Club...Yes,This Sunday from 3pm.

If you are a Weruweru girl or you know one,please pass the message along. Use the numbers above on the poster to confirm and/or ask for more info.

Remember to come with a scarf of the color of your skirt during them good days...Or if you still have your Shamba dress :)

Looking forward to seeing you,

Missie Popular

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  1. Hongera Weruweru u mlezi wetu,,,, Mama Mama SAMBAYA ohhh mama Sambaya!... Weruweru my school!.. GREEN SKIRT 2001-2004!.. I'll definitely be there!..

  2. Wow nimekumbuka mbali sana. I will be there for sure. Member wa green skirt 1993 to 1996.