Good Morning to All Weruweru Girls

"Hongera...Weruweru,umlezi wetuuu...."If this line reminds you of our beloved school,then this is for you.
In preparations for our big celebrations of Weruweru's Golden Jubilee,we have a meeting on Sunday at Cine Club...Yes,This Sunday from 3pm.

If you are a Weruweru girl or you know one,please pass the message along. Use the numbers above on the poster to confirm and/or ask for more info.

Remember to come with a scarf of the color of your skirt during them good days...Or if you still have your Shamba dress :)

Looking forward to seeing you,

Missie Popular


  1. Hongera Weruweru u mlezi wetu,,,, Mama Mama SAMBAYA ohhh mama Sambaya!... Weruweru my school!.. GREEN SKIRT 2001-2004!.. I'll definitely be there!..

  2. Wow nimekumbuka mbali sana. I will be there for sure. Member wa green skirt 1993 to 1996.