Greetings from Mama Momella

Found in Arusha,Mama Momella is a designer that uses Tanzanian local materials to create quite International standard collections to die for! First glimpse of the Mama Momella designs were introduced to me during the Maridadi show in 2012...The below are new items mixed with the 2012 ones in a styling that showcases the various tourist destinations in Arusha,managed by the Mama Momella foundation
Among these are; Maasai Boma, Shu'mata camp,South Amboseli and Hatari lodge

In the photoshoot,Tanzanian model Lethina represents in Maasai cultural wear and more

Ashe Nare...Mama Momella...we love what we see! Hopefully we will capture the images of these camps in person...

Missie Popular


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