MSC- My Sister's Closet Collection by Three Tanzanian Sisters

So..I had an interview with Bea,one of the sisters behind the MSC (My Sister's Closet) brand...This is how it went down....
M.P: Heeey Bea..thanks for having us. So,tell us something,what was the inspiration behind MSC designs...

MSC: We are very much inspired by East African women and how they wear their khangas,  celebrate their culture and infuse the western culture too. We are also inspired by the New York Afrocentric girls who have a very bohemian laid back style, not forgetting our original inspiration our grandmothers, mom and aunts who traveled and came back from their travels and shared their finds each adding their own personal style. 

M.P: We are aware that all of you sisters are not based in Tanzania at the moment...So,where does one get a chance to purchase your designs?

MSC: Right now we selling in Brooklyn NY and Westchester NY and ofcourse our goal is to expand and reach more people. We can also be contacted on our facebook page and Instragram while we are working on our Website.

M.P: Can you give us the names of all of you,who are behind this brand

MSC: The founders of MSCTreasures are three sisters Eliza,Bea and Jessica.

M.P: Looking at this collection,I imagine it is a lil' bit expensive,right?

MSC: The Price range for our pieces ranges from $40 to $200 our goal is to make fun affordable pieces for everyone. 
M.P: Oooh,that's good to know...hopefully when you bring your attention to the Tanzanian market,the prices will go lower :). So....what is the one thing that we don't know at all,about MSC Treasures?

MSC: What you don't know about MSCTreasures we actually started our line about 3 years ago and we decided to make it official this fall. (2013)
M.P: What was the main goal of starting this clothing line?

MSC: Our initial goal was curating pieces from different designers, but we decided to make a name first  then collaborate with all of these talented designers, jewelry makers example we love Enjipai, ....and introduce them to our friends and customers etc

M.P: Superb...we are looking forward to seeing you guys,more. Hopefully we will be able to experience a runway parade of all of your pieces,one day :) Best of Luck to you all

Missie Popular


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